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About 3D Print Garage

Over a Decade of Unlocking Creativity with 3D Printing

3D Print Garage boasts extensive experience in 3D printing, accumulating over 11 years of expertise in the market. We specialize in delivering high-precision models to our valued customers.
At 3D Print Garage, we’re not just printing objects, we’re printing ideas into reality. We’re passionate engineers, artists, and dreamers who believe the magic of 3D printing can empower anyone to bring their creations to life.

Our story begins with a spark: a vision for a world where imagination has no boundaries, where limitations morph into possibilities, and where anyone, from seasoned entrepreneurs to weekend crafters, can unleash their inner maker. We saw the potential of 3D printing to revolutionize design, prototyping, and even the joy of DIY, and we knew we had to share it.

So, we opened the doors to 3D Print Garage, your one-stop shop for all things 3D printing. We’re more than just a printing service; we’re a collaborative community, a playground for innovation, and a trusted partner in making your wildest ideas tangible.

Why Choose Us?

Experience & Expertise

We have a proven track record of successful 3D printing projects for a variety of clients and industries.

Commitment to Quality

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality prints that meet your exact specifications.

Customer-Focused Service

We prioritize clear communication, timely delivery, and your complete satisfaction.

Passion for Innovation

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality prints that meet your exact specifications.


We love what we do, and it shows. Our team is a vibrant blend of technical expertise and creative flair, united by a shared love for 3D printing and its endless possibilities.


We're building a vibrant community of 3D printing enthusiasts, where creators can share ideas, learn from each other, and inspire each other's imaginations.


We believe in working hand-in-hand with our clients. We listen to your ideas, translate your sketches into models, and refine your prototypes until they're perfect. Your success is our success.


We want everyone to experience the joy of 3D printing. That's why we offer a diverse range of services, from advanced modelling and functional prototyping to user-friendly DIY options and a wide variety of materials to suit any budget or project.


We don't just push buttons; we understand the intricacies of 3D printing, from material selection and design optimization to post-processing and finishing. We have the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life with precision and quality.